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Executive & Non-Executive Search

Executive & Non-Executive Search is the primary service to our clients. We help you find the best people, build successful teams, and generate value for shareholders. We find exceptional talented leaders who will fit the role, the team and the business.

Understanding your needs

At Croft Associates, we deliver an Executive Search model that continuously demonstrates our core company values. As such you will always receive a professional, confidential and honest service tailored to your needs and requirements. Whilst we will work with you to devise the most appropriate approach to each project we will also challenge you if we believe there is a more productive and effective solution to get you to your end-goal

The keystones of the Croft Associates search service are:


Non-Executive Search

Non-Executive Directors bring an independent view to the Board’s discussions and the development of the Company’s strategy. Their range of skills and experience ensures that the performance of management in achieving the business goals is appropriately challenged. They also ensure that financial controls and systems of risk management are both rigorous and appropriate for the needs of the business.

For NED search, Croft Associates applies the same stringent recruiting methodologies employed when we are recruiting executives and senior management into your business within the NED arena.